At last a memorable ready-to-assemble structure!




Ekilaya attracts attention with elegance and finesse.



Its light look, the expressiveness of the grid, Ekilaya is an emblematic piece of architecture capable of attracting attention. 


It is the ideal way to make a noticeable first impression.


Ekilaya is an architectural envelope that creates naturally memorable atmospheres.


It impacts and enhances the content to make the experiences unforgettable. 


Ash was chosen for its ability to convey a warm and noble feeling while being very flexible. 


Ekilaya covers every conceivable scenario. Our architectures are able to adapt to the most difficult terrain and use cases. 


Each model is a clear-span structure, offering a space without intermediate posts.



Each geometry is designed to be strong and lightweight, capable of withstanding operational and climatic loads


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Customizable design

Our powerful design tool allows you to design your custom projects while checking the feasibility and stability of the model.

modulable et reutilisable.jpg

Modular and reusable

Designed to be efficient and reusable: 100m² assembled in 8 hours, transported in 6m3 for a weight of 800kg.

Sustainable architecture

Ekilaya structures are ready to use, they meet the strictest French standards in terms of ERP CTS and EN 13782 security.

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Research laboratory - civil engineering

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Engineering firm, structure - façade



Cannes Film Festival / Restaurant

Client : Lili&co - San Pellegrino

Marriot Beach, Cannes

2x80 m², covered

Agriculture exhibition / Stand

Customer: Eko Design

Parc Expo Porte of Versailles, Paris

90 m², not covered

Run for the Ocean / Exhibition

Client: Ubibene / Fugu

Hippodrome longchamp, Paris

75 m², not covered



Ekilaya is based on the Gridshell structural system, popularized around 1960 by Frei Otto, a German architect and 2015 Pritzker Prize winner. In 1964, he built an 8000m² wooden hall in Mannheim (Germany) according to this principle.


It is this resistant and century-old structural system that the Quaternion design team appropriated to build the Ekilaya project by making it modular and reusable through intensive work on assembly details, lifting methods and design and calculation tools.



Our objective is to enable the production of memorable and environmentally friendly temporary spaces, thanks to this lightweight and rapidly deployable architectural envelope.

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